Friction-free KYC

VouchSafe by NowBanc fulfills your KYC/AML compliance requirements while allowing your customers to re-use their verified identity using our unique cyber-secure approach to assurance.

Don’t be redundant.

KYC once.

After a customer’s first KYC verification with
NowBanc VouchSafe, they may never have to do it again.

Members within the VouchSafe network share KYC data to provide a first-of-its-kind collaborative compliance solution.

Speed up your onboarding.

VouchSafe’s technology ensures that your clients only need to provide ID verification once across all of their banking partners.

Our unique AI-empowered verification and encryption technologies continuously monitor risk profiles and ensure that KYC requirements stay up-to-date.

Leverage our experience.

Our compliance engineers have deep experience across software and fintech spaces and are ready to architect the right solution for your organization’s requirements.

Meet our compliance team.

We’re passionate about responsible user experience that fulfills complete compliance expectations.

Reduce your onboarding friction with NowBanc Vouchsafe.

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